Australian Yoga Therapy Conference 2015

15 - 16 Aug 2015 | Sydney

Australia's premier Yoga therapy event with featured speaker Dr Shirley Telles - the world's most prolific yoga researcher.

The Australian Yoga Therapy Conference (AYTC) is Australia’s premier Yoga therapy event –  in 2015 featuring, Dr. Shirley Telles, internationally acclaimed Yoga therapist, medical doctor and the world’s most prolific Yoga researcher. The AYTC is the only chance you have all year to meet, network and learn from leading Australian and international Yoga therapists all under one roof. We have limited the conference to 180 delegates to create a more intimate learning experience so don’t miss out! 

Date: 15 – 16 August 2015, 9am – 5pm
Venue: Amora Hotel Sydney CBD
Cost: $397

You will Learn

  • The latest, cutting edge research into Yoga 
  • About the effect of Yoga on the Immune System 
  • How Yoga therapy can be a catalyst for change
  • The effect of Yoga on Fertility 
  • The role of Yoga in Intellectual Disability 
  • About the importance of Therapeutic Yoga classes
  • How Yoga can benefit those with auto-immune conditions, like CFS and fibromyalgia
  • How Yoga therapy can support women during Assisted Reproductive Technology
  • The effect of Yoga on atrial fibrillation (a type of abnormal heart beat)
  • Yoga for Addiction Recovery
  • Yoga for Ageing


  • Dr. Shirley Telles
  • Annette Loudon
  • Margaret Willcocks
  • Kylie Hennessy
  • Barbara Brian
  • Dr. Harry Gibbs
  • Dr. Latha Nithyanandam
  • Lisa Blanch
  • Jenny Kentish

Benefits of Attending the AYTC

  • Learn from leading Yoga therapists and researchers
  • Learn practical techniques to apply with your clients
  • Educate yourself about the latest Yoga research
  • Connect with like-minded professionals in the field of Yoga therapy
  • Deepen your knowledge of Yoga as a therapeutic practice

Who Should Attend?

  • Yoga therapists seeking to expand their knowledge
  • Yoga teachers who want to add a new dimension to their teaching
  • Medical doctors, health professionals and complementary therapists who want to use evidence-based, Yoga practices in their work
  • Yoga researchers seeking to learn from and connect with leading researchers
  • Anyone who wishes to use Yoga to improve their health

Master of Ceremonies – Bob Hughes

Bob Hughes is a journalist and broadcaster whose website Thisisreallyinteresting.com covers where peer reviewed science meets quality of life. He appears regularly with Tony Delroy on ABC Radio nationally. He is also a farmer and photographer. 

Date: 15 – 16 August 2015, 9am – 5pm 
Venue: Amora Hotel, Sydney CBD 
Cost: $397

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Shirley Telles (Dr.)

The Role of Yoga in Healing and Restoration + Yoga & Ageing

Dr. Shirley Telles is the world’s most prominent Yoga researcher. She has published over 108 articles in international journals. She also has written 4 books and 15 chapters in books. Shirley is a highly sought after speaker at national and international conferences. She is a reviewer for 16 international and 4 Indian national journals. Shirley is the Director of Research at Patanjali Yogpeeth, Hardwar, India, and Head, Indian Council of Medical Research Center for Advanced Research in Yoga and Neurophysiology at Bangalore, a federal research centre of excellence.

Annette Loudon

Yoga and the Immune System

Annette Loudon is one of Australia’s most highly qualified Yoga therapists and Yoga therapy trainers. She is one of Australia’s leading experts in yoga and breast cancer and has conducted world first, ground breaking research into the effects of Yoga on women with Breast Cancer related Lymphoedema. She is the President of the Australian Association of Yoga Therapists.

In Annette's presentation you will learn about the effects of stress and imbalance on the immune system and its implications, generally and for the increasing number of auto-immune conditions, as well as, conditions whereby the immune system needs boosting such as cancer. Learn evidence-based research that shows yoga can reduce the inflammatory response that affects the immune system. Annette will include integrated Yoga practices that can improve immune function for the stress response in the general population, those with auto-immune disorders and those whose medical treatment can reduce their immune function.

Margaret Willcocks

The Importance of Therapeutic Yoga Classes

Margaret Willcocks is a Yoga Teacher/Yoga Therapist and principal trainer at Greenwood Yoga Academy in WA. She conducts Australia’s only government accredited training course for Yoga Therapists. Margaret has been teaching Yoga and practicing as a Yoga therapist for more than 20 years, and enjoys sharing how the practice of yoga can assist people with the many challenging stages of their life.

In this presentation, you will learn practical tips for teaching therapeutic yoga classes for students with multiple health associated conditions (MHAC), and classes for one specific health condition; and learn yoga techniques that are beneficial for those attending MHAC classes. You will also learn how to collect, document and present data from clients to support Yoga Therapy as a legitimate complementary or primary therapy in the health system.

Australian Yoga Therapy Conference 2015

Yoga Therapy for Fertility

Kylie Hennessy is a Registered Yoga Therapist, and Director of Concord Yoga Studio and Sydney Pregnancy Centre. The Sydney Pregnancy Centre offers an integrative approach to supporting couples through their fertility and birth journey by using Yoga Therapy alongside Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments. With a Degree in Biochemistry and Chemistry, Kylie’s work integrates the Western Scientific understanding of the Mind/Body into the ancient Yogic understanding. In this presentation, you will learn how to promote normal fertility through Yoga therapy, an overview of TCM and fertility and how to integrate this into Yoga therapy, and how Yoga therapy can support women during Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) cycles.

Barbara Brian

Yoga Therapy - a Catalyst for Change

Barbara Brian was a long-standing student of TKV Desikachar and is the Founder/Director of Agama Yoga Centre for Health & Healing. She has been teaching yoga for 24 years, offering both group and private classes for the young and healthy, and for students in all stages of life. Now, Barbara mainly teaches private classes, mentors Yoga Teachers & Therapists in training and conducts interstate & international workshops and conducts Postgraduate Studies in Australia.

Harry Gibbs (Dr.)

Yoga in Illness

Dr Harry Gibbs is a graduate of the University of Sydney. He trained in Cardiology and Vascular Medicine at St. Vincent's Hospital, Sydney with subsequent training at The Cornell University Medical Center, New York. He has been the Director of the Department of Vascular Medicine at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane, the Director of Cardiology at Lismore Base Hospital and is currently the Deputy Director of General Medicine and the Medical Director of the Vascular Laboratory at the Alfred Hospital and Director of Medicine at Sandringham Hospital in Melbourne. He is an Associate Professor of Medicine at James Cook University and at Monash University. His interests and are cardiovascular and general medicine, with a particular interest in thrombosis and anticoagulant therapy.

Latha Nithyanandam

Yoga for People with Intellectual Disability

Latha Nithyanandam PhD has worked with yoga and people with intellectual disability for over 30 years. She has facilitated many training programs, trained special needs educators in the theory and practice of Yoga for people with Intellectual Disability, including at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram (KYM), where she was the research director.

In this presentation you will learn the how to individualise practices for someone with an Intellectual Disability, how to use breath, sound and, chanting and how to adapt asanas.

Teaching Yoga to intellectual disability involves going beyond physical stretches. It incorporates the integration of the senses by using tools, such as, sound and breathing along with asanas.

Lisa Blanch

How can Yoga Therapists fit into a hospital setting?

Lisa Blanch participates in the Carer Support Program at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Westmead. She offers group and individual yoga therapy to parents and staff. In this interactive session, Lisa will discuss the role the Yoga Therapist can play in the hospital setting, and take delegates though some of the approaches for the varying groups which present in this environment. You will learn about volunteering in the Health System, how to present Yoga therapy to health care professionals, group and individual Yoga therapy for parents and staff, unique challenges for Yoga therapists and YogaCPR Five Minute Fixes.

Jen Kentish

Yoga for Addiction Recovery

Jen Kentish’s first regular Yoga teaching position was volunteering at a residential detox facility for women recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Jen has gone on to teach at several drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities in Sydney, as well as teaching general and special needs yoga, in groups and privately.

In this presentation you will gain insight into the realities of working with marginalised, high-needs students as Jen Kentish shares some of the lessons she has learned teaching yoga to women recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.

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