Jen Kentish

Yoga Teacher

From never expecting to teach, she found herself “in at the deep end”, and at the start of a journey she says has at times been as illuminating as it has been confounding, as rewarding as it has been challenging. It has been an experience that has doubly resonated, with confronting parallels in her personal life.

Jen has gone on to teach at several drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities in Sydney, as well as teaching general and special needs yoga, in groups and privately. She has always been drawn to a simple practice: easy asana, effortless breath; pausing and becoming present; and cultivating compassion. She believes the quality of loving-kindness is a powerful ally in the healing process, central to lasting transformation.

Jen also works part-time as a sub-editor, and is the mother of two teenage boys. It was the demands of these two roles that led her to yoga almost 20 years ago. After attending her first class she felt lighter and happier. It was the start of something she couldn’t ignore. Jen is continuing her professional development, studying yoga therapy and pursuing an interest in mindfulness and positive neuroplasticity.

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