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Lisa Blanch is a Certified Yoga Therapist, Senior Yoga Teacher and Yoga educator. She has offered therapeutic yoga for over 17 years. Since 2013, Lisa has specialised in therapeutic yoga for cancer care and mental wellbeing, at CanAssist, Sydney Childrens’ Hospital Westmead, and Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. She is a highly experienced educator and Lisa recently completed a Master of Teaching.

Lisa began her yoga journey over twenty years ago.  She has always held particular interest in making yoga accessible, especially for those facing complex health conditions.  Lisa is a Certified Yoga Therapist (IAYT), Registered Yoga Therapist and Senior Teacher (Yoga Australia) and Yoga for Cancer specialist teacher (Yoga4Cancer – USA, Yoga Being – USA). Her work has focused on small group classes that provide an accessible and intelligent practice that allows individuals to explore their yoga safely.

She completed the IYTA Diploma of Yoga in 2004 and the Graduate Certificate of Yoga Therapy in 2013. Lisa has attended multiple trainings in cancer, trauma and somatic movement.   Lisa’s YogaCPR group yoga therapy programs have been delivered to public, private and corporate clients – including CanAssist Diversional Therapy, Carer Support at Childrens’ Hospital Westmead, and Chris O’Brien Lifehouse (Cancer Hospital). 

An experienced teacher trainer and educator, Lisa was a faculty member of the IYTA Diploma of Yoga teacher training course.  She led the Asana module for the 2013-2017 courses, managing curriculum content development and teaching planning for the Asana team. She has also delivered conference presentations and workshops nationally for the IYTA, Yoga Australia and Yoga Therapy Institute. 

Lisa has been an active supporter of the Australian yoga and yoga therapy profession.  Her multiple volunteering roles include past contributions as the IYTA NSW Secretary and IYTA Teacher Training Course Committee member, and the AAYT Membership Secretary.  She is the co-founder of Australian Yoga Therapy Wisdom, a virtual sangha for Australian Yoga Therapists.

Lisa has a corporate background in marketing communications and conference production. She has worked across a range of industry sectors as a specialist writer in Australia and Hong Kong.  She has recently completed a Master of Teaching (Secondary) specialising in English.

“The Yoga for Cancer Workshop with Lisa Blanch, was a very insightful and inspirational 2 days.  I came to learn more as a Yoga teacher and a cancer patient so that I have a better understanding and the skills to be of service. And I am so inspired by the wealth of knowledge and generosity of Lisa and the shared life experiences of my fellow Yoga Teachers in the group. I am so inspired and I hope I can practice these additional skills soon and serve our community.”

– Annah Torres Dellosa

Lisa delivers one of the Applied Yoga Therapy modules for the Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy.

Lisa delivers a Yoga for Cancer workshop.


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