Yoga and Long Covid – On Demand

Online Workshop with Liz Williams

Learn about Yoga interventions that can give Long Covid sufferers some tools to aid with their individual symptoms as well as aid the body and mind to heal from this acute inflammatory invasion.

In this Yoga and Long Covid workshop with Liz Williams you will learn about Yoga interventions that can give Long Covid sufferers some tools to aid with their individual symptoms as well as aid the body and mind to heal from this acute inflammatory invasion.

Covid -19 virus: just the mention of these words has very different reactions amongst the population – fear, complacency or anger, to name just a few. Covid infection may have been severe or mild, but the inflammatory process in the body does cause damage to lung and cardio-vascular tissues.

In Australia, up to the beginning of September 2021, there have been 99,000 confirmed positive cases of Covid -19 with 2,000 of those people hospitalised. The severity of the infection, prior health conditions, and the treatment needed, will all impact recovery and any long-term symptoms.

Long Covid is now recognised as a possible outcome post-infection. In Australia, 3,000 cases were followed. It was found that while younger healthier people did recover quickly, many older people and those with chronic health conditions took a lot longer. However, even among the young and healthy cohort, there were some who still had symptoms for months after ‘recovery’.

Studies from overseas, have identified several common symptoms post infection. Shortness of breath on exertion, headaches &/or brain fog, fatigue, fever, anxiety, depression and many individual symptoms.

A very useful timely workshop given the current world situation. Well presented. Liz has an excellent theoretical as well as hands on knowledge of the subject, which she imparts with a passion. This is my second workshop with Liz.

Ann Robinson, Yoga teacher, QLD

Liz Williams is an excellent educator. She is well researched and has a deep understanding of the subjects she presents. Long Covid research and understanding is ongoing, however Liz is able to give a clear understanding of the effects of Long Covid as known at the time of presentation and how we as Yoga Teachers may assist a student.

Audrey Burking, Yoga teacher and physiotherapist, VIC

Yoga and Long Covid Workshop Schedule:

The workshop recording includes:

  • 2 hour 40 min presentation and Yoga practices to assist those with Long Covid
  • Plus additional resources to read

Who Should Attend?

  • Yoga therapists, yoga teachers and yoga teacher trainees
  • Medical doctors, health professionals and complementary therapists who want to use evidence-based, Yoga practices in their work

Benefits of Attending this Workshop:

  • Learn from Liz Williams, leading Yoga therapy educator, Yoga for seniors educator and healthy aging specialist, nurse educator and registered Yoga therapist
  • Learn practical tools and techniques that you can apply immediately with your students and clients who have had Covid-19
  • Educate yourself about the safest and most effective way to teach Yoga to these students
  • Deepen your knowledge of Yoga as a therapeutic practice
  • Yoga therapists/teachers are eligible for 3 Continuing Professional Development points

The recording will be available to you for 12 months after purchase.

Cost: $97 including GST

Places Available

Available on demand!

Places Available

Liz Williams

Liz Williams is a Yoga therapy educator, registered Yoga therapist and highly experienced health educator who has been working in the health sector for over 40 years. In the past 20 years, she has worked in the field of Healthy ageing and aged care in both residential aged care and acute aged care facilities.
She has trained Yoga therapists/teachers, nurses, allied health and medical staff as well as community groups.
Liz has worked with many health practitioners in assessing and developing health plans to support the older person to remain independent for as long as possible. Her relevant areas of speciality include anatomy and physiology, orthogeriatics, rehabilitation, fall prevention, mental health (aged care), acute adult pain and pathophysiology.
Liz has a Masters of Clinical Science in Aged Care and Healthy Ageing since 2011 and a Graduate Certificate in Mental Health (Aged Care). She has qualifications in the management of Adult Pain.
She has developed educational programs for all health designations covering topics as diverse as exercise programs for rehabilitation and fall prevention, to the prevention and management of cognitive impairment in the older person.
She has extensive experience and knowledge of anatomical function, proprioception, muscular and joint function, physical assessment and the implementation of movements to accommodate physical limitations.
In 2019, Liz completed the Yoga for healthy ageing course with Baxter Bell in the USA.

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