"The Yoga for Cancer Workshop with Lisa Blanch, was a very insightful and inspirational 2 days.  I came in to learn more both as a Yoga teacher and as a cancer patient myself so that I may have a better understanding and have the right skills to be of service. I am so inspired by the wealth of knowledge and generosity of Lisa and the shared life experiences of my fellow Yoga Teachers in the group. I am so inspired and I hope I can practice these additional skills soon and serve our community."
Trish David’s knowledge on all things is amazing and because of this there is a real richness to the content. She is measured when answering questions,  clear and concise and the topic was really accessible. Trish is very nurturing and no question was a stupid question and she makes you feel valued. She was really helpful when I emailed her with questions and replied super quickly which I really appreciated. She is approachable and down to earth which makes dealing with her so easy. A fantastic lecturer.
Mary Rollo
GCYT Melbourne 2021 Graduate
“The Yoga Therapy for Anxiety workshop was fantastic. I loved Dr. Shirley Telles! She has a calming and stable presence that comes across clearly even through Zoom. I can't wait to watch the recording again.”
Justine Rintoul
Yoga Therapist
“I’ve done other yoga anatomy training hosted by internationally respected teachers. Nearly all focus on the ‘anatomy’, meaning specific areas of the body, some emphasizing muscles while others more on the skeleton. Liz Williams, however, looked at the body as a whole. How our bodies are integrated, including with our minds. If we only had one anatomy module to do, this should be it. The most beneficial aspect of this module is Liz herself. A true national treasure. What knowledge, what a gift to share this knowledge with others. Liz – please write a book on Functional Anatomy. It would be every yoga teachers go to anatomy book!”
Sally Webster
"Sal Flynn shares her years of experience as a counsellor and Yoga Therapist in a wonderfully graspable and experiential way.”
Sam Loe
New Zealand
So much information and wonderful lecturers to deliver it!  It made Ayurveda so much more accessible and interesting to learn with outstanding lecturers with an abundance of ayurvedic knowledge and wisdom. Thank you Yoga Therapy Institute! 
Sharon Williams
Yoga Therapist
"This (Ayurveda certificate) course has so much to offer to anyone interested in living wholistically. The presenters take complex centuries old wisdom and make it accessible for you to understand and apply in your modern busy lives. A powerful set of  tools to add to your practice."
Jesal Alimchandani
"The Certificate in Clinical Ayurveda has been such a valuable addition to my life personally, but also to how I will be adding value to my Yoga Therapy sessions moving forward. Rama and Caroline are living, breathing examples of the Ayurvedic lifestyle and their combined knowledge is phenomenal. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning more about this incredible science."
Angela Vergotis
Yoga Therapist
"From the moment we started this course, I was able to start practicing and applying it to myself and my family.  What we have learned has excited and inspired me and everyday I am taking something from what we learned and applying it to my life & feeling how it makes a difference already.  I know what people mean when they say their inner fire is lit.  I can see how it works so well with yoga therapy.  Particularly the seasons, elements, koshas and gunas and finding a way back to balance for each individual.  I really can’t wait to start applying it in this way to yoga therapy and gradually getting more into the areas that are newer to me (foods, oils and herbs etc) to incorporate those too. This was an amazingly rich course with incredibly experienced and knowledgeable presenters Rama & Caroline, who I am in awe of and feel blessed to have this ancient wisdom shared with me.  Thank you to Trina & Miya from the 'Yoga Therapy Institute’ for putting on another incredible course despite it being during Covid times and having to move it online."
Esther Becchio
Clinical Ayurveda Graduate
"As I am doing my Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy in the year of Covid19 in 2020, almost all of the modules are being delivered online via Zoom. In spite of the imaginable limitations, I can say that I am learning and training as much as I can, perhaps equal to or almost as well as actual classroom-like training."
Johanna Koepnick
GCYT Brisbane 2020

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