Zoom Etiquette for Interactive Courses and Workshops

  • Please ensure you will be undisturbed. (You may need to put a sign on your door)
  • Ensure your device is fully charged or plugged into power
  • Keep your microphone on mute unless you are speaking
  • Check your background, sound & lighting before logging on. (Check you aren’t in silhouette)
  • Check your camera is at eye level so your face can be seen clearly
  • Put mobile phones and other devices on silent
  • Switch off notification sounds/alerts for email and other applications
  • Make sure others in your home or office are not streaming etc as that will take some of your bandwidth and may interfere with your connection
  • Use the Chat feature to interact with your fellow participants and to discuss the workshop topic amongst the participants. It can be used to share resources, links to research, articles, or videos with other participants. Please ensure these are relevant to the presentation
  • If you would like to ask the teacher a question, please use the Raise Hand button or turn your microphone and ask them directly
  • If you do need to leave your device, or you need to do something which is private during the training, please turn off your camera until your return
  • If you are moving around please keep your camera off. The movement is very distracting for the other participants and the speaker
  • To deal with technical issues please have a back-up device prepared so you can participate even if the internet fails on the device you are using
  • Please avoid eating during the training if possible or turn your camera off
  • Please note: all participants are expected to show respect and courtesy to the presenter and to the other participants.

If would like some basic instructions on how to use Zoom, please click here.

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