Learn to Teach Yoga for Seniors

Dates to be Announced | 2 Day Workshop | From $450

The focus of this 2 day workshop will be on both primary and secondary changes that occur and the yoga modifications that must be considered for the older yoga practitioner aged over 65 years.

Yoga for Seniors. As the body ages, there are many physiological and psychological changes. Some changes are Primary (changes we will all experience) and some are Secondary changes (changes due to disease and injury). Yoga has a proven history of being able to support the person through this life stage, and to remain as independent as possible. The focus of this workshop will be on both primary and secondary changes that occur and the yoga modifications that must be considered for the older yoga practitioner aged over 65 years. 

You will learn:

  • The Primary ageing changes and the effects on the body
  • Most common Secondary ageing changes and how to support an older person who is experiencing them
  • The neuroscience of ageing and how this effects emotions and attitude
  • How to modify a yoga practice to minimise harm for the older student
  • The benefits a yoga practice provides to increase acceptance of the ageing process
  • The main physiological changes that occur due to ageing and
  • The effects these changes have on the body
  • About the most common chronic diseases affecting the older person osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, heart failure, emphysema/COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), falls and sarcopenia.
  • About the psychological changes that occur with ageing 
  • Which pranayama and meditation practices are beneficial and 
  • How to include these practices in your classes
  • Precautions and recommendations for a safe and effective yoga program so that the older person can remain as active as possible

The information that Liz shared with us was outstanding.  Her expertise and knowledge are extensive.  I learnt so many useful tips, tools and reasons behind why teaching yoga to older adults must be approached with a different lens to a regular yoga class.  I highly recommend this training for anyone interested in how the body ages and how yoga can help keep us healthy.

Silva Mirovics, Yoga teacher, Yoga therapist in training, Masters in Gerontology, VIC

Who Should Attend? 

  • Yoga therapists, yoga teachers and yoga teacher trainees
  • Medical doctors, health professionals and complementary therapists who want to use evidence-based, Yoga practices in their work 

Liz’s experience, knowledge and presentation skills were fantastic.  Not only does she have a very thorough knowledge of the physiology of ageing, she is a highly experienced yoga practitioner and is able to communicate the junction between these two fields clearly, and with humour.  Not only is this course a great foundation for teaching yoga to seniors, with the benefits and precautions clearly explained, but it is also provided great insights about the nature of ageing, of value to all of us.

Sally Goodspeed, Yoga teacher, ACT

Benefits of attending the Learn to teach Yoga to Seniors workshop:

  • Learn from Liz Williams, leading yoga for seniors educator, healthy aging specialist and Yoga therapist
  • Learn practical tools and techniques that you can apply immediately with your students and clients
  • Educate yourself about the safest and most effective way to teach Yoga to your older students
  • Connect with a network of yoga teachers and therapists working in this field
  • Deepen your knowledge of Yoga as a therapeutic practice
  • Yoga teachers are eligible for 14 Continuing Professional Development points

Event Details – This workshop is now finished.

Please contact us to be informed about the next Learn to teach Yoga for seniors workshop.

Date: There are currently no dates planned
Time: 9am – 5pm
Location: TBC
Cost: Early enrolment is $450 for the first 5 tickets sold. Then $500 for the next 5. Then $550 after that.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Yoga for Seniors workshop with Liz Williams. Liz’s boundless knowledge on the ageing process, diseases and the specialised approach to yoga for older people leaves me in awe and I feel like a sponge wanting more. I now have much more confidence to safely teach yoga to older people in a way that genuinely helps them to maintain and manage their health through this stage of life. 

Bronwen Mander, Yoga therapist, VIC

This event is Sold Out

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Liz Williams

Liz Williams is a yoga teacher trainer and highly experienced health educator who has been working in the health sector for almost 40 years. In the past 17 years, she has worked in the field of Healthy ageing and aged care. She has trained Yoga teachers, nurses, allied health and medical staff as well as community groups. Liz has worked with many health practitioners in assessing, and developing health plans to support the older person to remain independent for as long as possible. Her relevant areas of speciality include anatomy and physiology, orthogeriatics, rehabilitation, fall prevention, mental health (aged care), acute adult pain and pathophysiology. Liz has a Masters of Clinical Science in Aged Care and Healthy Ageing and a Graduate Certificate in Mental Health (Aged Care). She has developed educational programs for all health designations covering topics as diverse as exercise programs for rehabilitation and fall prevention, to the prevention and management of cognitive impairment in the older person. She has extensive experience and knowledge of anatomical function, proprioception, muscular and joint function, physical assessment and the implementation of movements to accommodate physical limitations. In recent years, she has begun delivering workshops in yoga for healthy ageing for yoga teachers.

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