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Hundreds of yoga teachers and practitioners have gained profound knowledge by spending just ONE hour with one of our enlightened speakers. Imagine what you will learn over 5 days! What Ancient Secrets are You Ready to Learn? Yoga teachers need on-going professional development. So many yoga teachers complete brief training courses and they are left […]

Hundreds of yoga teachers and practitioners have gained profound knowledge by spending just ONE hour with one of our enlightened speakers. Imagine what you will learn over 5 days!

What Ancient Secrets are You Ready to Learn?

Yoga teachers need on-going professional development. So many yoga teachers complete brief training courses and they are left with gaps in their knowledge and understanding of what yoga truly is. I know this from personal experience. On top of that, yoga is a journey so our desire for more knowledge and understanding is never ending!

Teachers need to keep up to date with the latest yoga research, and deepen their understanding of the practices of yoga.

Enlightened Events seminars fill that knowledge gap and broaden your appreciation of yoga and ancient Indian healing.

I have carefully chosen all of the speakers for our first series of events. You will see why as you read on. We have chosen local speakers for our first series. There is so much expertise right here in Sydney!

“I participated at the yoga conference last year at the University (of Sydney) and was wondering with a few yoga teacher friends of mine, if you are going to do one again? I have such good memories of last year. If I had to choose one yoga event of the year, it would be yours!”

Sandra Otto

Why Dedicated Workshops?

When I first did my yoga teacher training in Melbourne in 2002, I was lucky enough to attend a yoga conference organised by my teacher, Sri Raju Govind. The speakers included distinguished leaders of the yoga community from India and Australia. I was so inspired by this event and I learned so much, that I returned to Sydney and organised my own conference with the Vedanta Centre of Sydney. I realised that there were so many aspects of yoga that I felt I needed to learn about to teach effectively. I have a passion for organising inspirational events and have helped organise four of Australia’s largest and most successful yoga and Ayurveda conferences.

These conferences are terrific because they bring together like minded people with the best speakers in the community. But I always felt overwhelmed by the amount of information and research that was presented. It was just too much to take in – serious information overload! Additionally, the conference speakers often only present for an hour and you are always left wanting MORE! More time for the speaker to go into greater detail, more time to ask questions and a chance to do a practical component.

I thought, “There has to be a better way of learning from these inspirational teachers!” Then it struck me – dedicated workshops by Australia’s leading speakers!

So, here is our first exciting series of workshops, presented by pre-eminent speakers and teachers from the Yoga and Ayurveda community. Each speaker will present for a whole day and they will go into great detail on their subject matter. OK, so you might still have information overload but you will be able to absorb more and go into deeper detail on the topic. Once you have processed that, the following month you can come back and learn more!

Who Should Attend The Ancient Secrets Workshops?

The workshops are a must for Yoga teachers and those who wants to deepen their understanding of the practices of Yoga and Ayurveda plus anyone who needs to keep up to date with the latest Yoga research.

  • Anyone interested in how to use the breath to improve health and wellbeing.
  • Anyone seeking to improve their health and energy levels.
  • Anyone with health challenges.
  • Anyone seeking to overcome stress, fear or anxiety
  • Doctors, nurses or complementary health practitioners who would like to expand their toolkit of practices to assist their patients.
  • Anyone wanting to dissolve rage, anger, resentment or any other high level emotion that ages and stresses the body.
  • Anyone experiencing feelings of loss, regret or depression who would love to be able to move forward with their lives again.
  • Anyone interested in the ancient teachings of Ayurveda
  • Anyone interested in deepening their understanding of the mind
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to meditate or improve their experience of meditation.
  • If you or someone you know has or has had breast cancer and they would like to learn practices that can assist through illness, treatment and recovery.

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Simon Borg-Olivier

Workshop 1 - The Ancient Secrets Of Breath

Simon Borg-Olivier is Australia’s No. 1 Yoga celebrity! Simon is a highly sought after teacher trainer, speaker and presenter, a registered physiotherapist and university lecturer. He is co-director of YogaSynergy, one of Australia’s oldest and most respected yoga schools and has been teaching yoga since 1982. Simon has specialised in the Yoga anatomy and physiology and his knowledge is unequalled! Simon is presenting our first workshop on The Ancient Secrets of the Breath on Sunday 11 July 2010.

Shaun Matthews (Dr.)

Day 2 - Ayurvedic Nutrition

Dr. Shaun Matthews is a medical doctor, one of Australia’s foremost Ayurvedic educators and an acclaimed author. Shaun is the Founder and Coordinator of the Ayurvedic Medicine Department at Nature Care College in Sydney. With his Western medical background and his eastern training, Shaun is highly skilled at incorporating ancient Ayurvedic wisdom into a contemporary lifestyle to bring about better health and wellbeing. Shaun will be educating us on The Ancient Principles of Ayurvedic Nutrition on Sunday 8 August 2010.

Michael de Manincor

Day 3 - Mind & Meditation

Michael de Manincor is the President of the Yoga Teachers Association of Australia (YTAA) and the Founding Director of the Yoga Institute. Michael is a highly respected yoga teacher and teacher trainer. As President of the YTAA, he will oversee the Association transition to its new role as Yoga Australia. Michael is also Cofounder of the Breath Foundation, a not-for-profit health promotion foundation, and is a registered, specialist, counselling psychologist. Join Michael when he presents an enlightening seminar on The Ancient Secrets of Mind and Meditation on Sunday 12 September 2010.

Annette Loudon

Day 4 - Yoga & Breast Cancer

Annette Loudon has been teaching yoga for over 15 years. She has produced a ground-breaking DVD on “Yoga for Women after Treatment for Breast Cancer.” Annette is writing a book called “Yoga for Women having or who have had treatment for breast cancer”. She is a member of YTAA, IAYT and IYTA. She has graduate and post-grad qualifications in Education and Management, as well as being highly qualified in Yoga, Pilates, Massage and Fitness. Annette is a rising star who will be sharing her extensive knowledge of Yoga and Breast Cancer on Sunday 10 October 2010.

Private: Vaidya Rama Prasad

Day 5 - Body Type Analysis

Dr. Rama Prasad is one of Australasia’s most qualified and experienced Ayurvedic physicians and educators. Rama's enthusiasm for Ayurveda is contagious, as he believes 'the more you give, the more you gain'. Rama's clinical expertise introduces you to Ayurveda in a way that is easy to understand and implement as a tool for healing and happiness. An experienced Ayurvedic physician and teacher since 1989, Rama has a reputation as a gifted teacher and sensitive healer with a warm and compassionate nature. His dynamic presentation skills make learning a memorable and life-changing experience. Join us as he uses the Five Element theory to enlighten you on The Ancient Secrets of Body-Type Analysis.

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