Yoga Therapy for the Immune System

Read about and listen to a practice developed by Annette for a woman with a host of autoimmune problems.
Annette Loudon

Annette Loudon

Annette Loudon has been teaching yoga since 1994. She has made a DVD on “Yoga for Women after Treatment for Breast Cancer “, which is available from Encore NSW. Annette is completing a book called “Yoga for Women having or who have had treatment for breast cancer”. She has recently completed a Masters degree in “Yoga and Lymphoedema” through the University of Tasmania.  

Yoga Therapist Annette Loudon discusses Yoga therapy for the Immune System.

Annette shared the following practice with us which she developed for a 33 year old woman with a host of autoimmune problems:  She has never done yoga and reported she has Supra Ventricular Tachycardia (SVT) as a result of Wolff Parkinson’s Syndrome which has led to her being hospitalised twice.  In addition to myasthenia gravis and celiac disease, she also has pernicious anemia which is treated with B12 injections 3 times a year. She gets a lot of reflux. She currently has a sore right knee and gets hormonal headaches.

Annette mentioned that “I couldn’t give her a breathing practice due to the SVT, so the aim was to give a calming practice so her breath would be calm and a gentle yet an effective practice before bed to see how her body and mind react, as well as, clearing her lymphatic system to improve her immune system. I also gave her a morning practice and a yoga nidra based on the elements. She is now Into her third week of practice and she has reported improved sleep, less achy muscles and a calmer mind.”

“Immune disorders are often not one single problem but present as a host of different conditions. What is wonderful about this woman is she came to me with a genuine desire to help herself and has done the practice every night. She, and other students like her, continue to inspire me to work towards aiding their pathway into improved health, both physically and mentally.  You may like to listen or do her practice before bed tonight.”

Listen to Annette’s discussion on Yoga Therapy for the immune system:

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