Life as a Yoga Therapist with Keri Hogarth

Interview with Yoga Therapy Graduate and Therapist Keri Hogarth, on Life as a Yoga Therapist.

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Two paper cut outs of faces in profile representing Ayurvedic Psychotherapy

Ayurvedic Psychotherapy

Ayurvedic psychotherapy recognises anxiety as a condition called chittodvega. Anxiety or the tendency for disturbing thoughts, mano-dushti, is attributed to an imbalance in physical, psychological and spiritual spheres

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Woman in Halasana on an Outdoor Deck

How Halasana can support Digestion

Poses such as Halasana (Plough pose) are great for abdominal stimulation, fluid movement, and the nervous system and can be incorporated into a Yoga practice to assist someone at risk of diabetes or living with diabetes.

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