Trina Bawden Smith

Trina Bawden-Smith

The creative heart behind the Yoga Therapy Institute is Trina Bawden-Smith. Trina’s passion is for connecting people and building communities. Her vision and passion for her work ensures that every course, workshop or training is imbued with her love and warmth. That every participant feels welcome and every detail is attended to. And that people talk about her courses for years after they have finished and often tell her that her courses changed their life.

She is a much loved member of the Yoga and Ayurveda community and counts many respected Yoga therapists, teachers and organisations amongst her friends, including Yoga Australia, IYTA, Australasian Association of Yoga Therapists, International Yoga Therapists Association, Meditation Events, Quest for Life Foundation, Dru Yoga, Australian Yoga Life magazine and countless Yoga therapists and teachers working in their communities.

Trina Bawden-Smith holds a Diploma in Event Management, Bachelors Degree in Commerce, and a Masters degree in Arts in International Relations. Trina also completed a Yoga Instructors Certificate from the research-based Vivekananda Yoga Research and Therapy Centre (Svyasa) in Bangalore, India and undertook an Ayurveda lifestyle consultant’s course in Sydney. Trina is a natural organiser and leader and has had a strong interest in yoga, meditation and eastern philosophy from a young age. Trina taught Yoga for a number of years before starting the Yoga Therapy Institute gaining a reputation for her guided relaxations and her love for her students.

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