Narelle Carter-Quinlan

Narelle Carter-Quinlan


She teaches the spinal anatomy and scoliosis research component of Elise Miller’s yoga for scoliosis Teacher Training in San Francisco, teaches in Europe, the UK, and presents her scholarly and movement research in yoga and the spine at International peer reviewed Conferences.

Narelle is formally trained and apprenticed in the Iyengar method of yoga over nearly two decades, although her practice spans five. Renowned for her rich PowerPoint presentations and deep, yet playful teachings on Spinal Anatomy, she delights in illuminating the complex with originality and humour.

Narelle’s ongoing signature enquiry is of the body as felt, known, poetic space; consciousness within our interior terrain. She is currently developing a suite of E-courses and Trainings on yoga for spinal health and completing her book Notes from the Mat, on yoga and scoliosis.


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