Loraine Rushton

Expert on Yoga for Children

Loraine has spent over 10,000 hours teaching 1000’s of children and teens of all ages. She was instrumental in bringing Yoga programs into the Australian school system and her Zenergy for Schools Program has been taught in primary, secondary, private, religious, and selective schools.
Loraine’s specialty is designing programs that target the “whole child,” helping them develop physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Loraine has also worked with 1,000’s of adults throughout the world on their health and well-being. She is an authority on health, nutrition, wellness, yoga therapy, and helping people achieve and maintain optimal health. Her health programs have made a significant difference with a range of health issues such as weight loss, diabetes, cancer, allergies, cholesterol, infections, kidney disorders, asthma, digestive disorders, back problems, infertility, osteoporosis, eye conditions, etc.

As a leading Yoga instructor for children in Australia, ABC television selected Loraine to be the featured instructor on their “Yoga For Kids” DVD and CD. She is a highly sought after speaker participating in conferences and professional development training days for organisations such as ACHPER and Teacher Training Australia. She is often quoted in major publications and recently authored the feature article in Australian Yoga Life, titled “Yoga For Kids: Yoga Provides A Pathway For Kids To Flourish in Today’s Stressful World.”

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