Liz Bennett

Physiotherapist & Yoga Teacher

With over 20 years experience as a clinical physiotherapist, Liz can help you restore pain-free movement after injuries, illness and surgery. Liz has assisted countless clients, sports people and yoga practitioners to understand their symptoms, experience pain relief from treatment and move better. Liz works with you to find the underlying cause of dysfunction, assessing and treating the whole body, not just pain. She can help you get back to optimal function and provide ongoing self management and prevention strategies.

Being a yoga teacher for almost as long as she’s been working as a physio, there are only a handful of physiotherapists around Australia with Liz’s experience across both modalities.

A specialist teacher of anatomy for yoga teachers, Liz is a Senior Member of Yoga Australia.

Liz co-directs Balanced Practice Teacher Training 350 hour + 150 hour with Amelia Disspain and together they run annual trainings and international yoga retreats. Liz has presented on Yoga and Back Pain at the Australian Yoga Therapy Conference. She is Senior Anatomy Teacher with Rainbow Yoga.

A Vipassana meditator, with Certificates in Shiatsu and Acupuncture, Liz is also a qualified Yoga Therapist. She loves to teach yoga to people of all ages and abilities.


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