Josephine Key

Neuro-musculo-skeletal Physiotherapist

Through her extensive clinical practice informed by the research, Josephine has gradually evolved a clinical model of musculoskeletal function/dysfunction – The “Key Approach”.

This offers a different paradigm around functional movement and how changed movement control, even during even the most simple every-day activities, is directly related to most pain syndromes.

Josephine established the “Key Moves®” Programme of Therapeutic Exercise and Movement Classes in 2001. Presently 38 classes a week are conducted within her practice. This programme rests upon the tenets of the “Key Approach” and is constantly evolving as new clinical and research evidence comes to light.

Josephine is the author of the text book “BACK PAIN: A movement problem. A clinical approach incorporating relevant research and practice” published by Elsevier, Edinburgh, in 2010.

She has also had a number of papers published in the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies, an international peer reviewed journal. The most recent, “The Core: Understanding it, and retraining its dysfunction”, was one of the five most downloaded papers from that journal in 2014.

She has presented at numerous International Conferences and conducts practical workshops in Australia and internationally.

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