Carmella Baynie

Carmella Baynie

Singer Songwriter

Carmella is a world renowned singer, published songwriter, and voice therapist based in Sydney. She is an accredited voice and yoga teacher with over twenty years experience in the practice of yoga, meditation, martial arts, the dramatic arts, and singing.

Carmella has dedicated her life to facilitating sound as a healing force, as a vehicle for transformation and vibrational healing, for creating harmony with the whole of nature and ultimately for union with the Divine.

She has performed and studied sacred music throughout Australasia since she was young. From renaissance, church music and choral singing, to traditional Indian, African and contemporary devotional music, her voice traverses all musical genres. She sings in cathedrals and temples and has performed with indigenous musicians of Australia, Papua New Guinea and North America.

Her repertoire includes pop music, Western and Eastern classical, world music, children’s music and music for healing. Carmella has extensive experience as a performer on the pop charts both nationally and abroad, on television, radio and in the recording studio.

Carmella’s contribution to sacred music includes the award winning international release of ‘Song to the Earth’, her much loved ‘lullabies’ and pre-natal sound meditation CD ‘Babybreath’. Her latest release ‘Ashraya’ is the exquisite crescendo of her musical journey to date.

Her unique personal style weaves the sacred Indian traditions of sound yoga with other cultural explorations of sacred music and song which awakens the heart, uplifts the spirit and opens the channels of inspiration.

Creator of the acclaimed Voice in Yoga, Born Singing, and The Nada Method seminars, Carmella offers a unique and inspiring approach in her workshops and private consultations. Her workshop, Voice in Yoga, is a dynamic discovery of the natural voice in union with mind body and spirit. It is from this union that self expression and communication can become clear, conscious and liberated.

This unique approach offers a melding of ancient yogic traditions with contemporary holistic sound healing, deep meditation and exploration into Eastern and Western vocal techniques.

In her workshops she uses sound to free the natural and instinctive voice. Her methods include sound release, vocalizing and vocal training, breath meditation, chakra sounding, resonance and conscious sound vibration, mantra yoga and sacred singing. Through these practices one experiences purification of the channels, release of emotional blocks, opening of the heart, connection with the self, with others and ultimately with the Divine.


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