Anna Miley, Yoga Therapy Educator and Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Anna Miley

Experienced Yoga therapist, Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Exercise Scientist

Anna Miley is a highly experienced Yoga therapist and teacher, accredited Exercise Physiologist, and educator. She specialises in working with clients with complex and mental health conditions and chronic pain.

Anna has a particular interest in applying the benefits of Yoga to the individual, especially for those facing complex and mental health conditions. Anna has used Yoga as a therapeutic modality for the past 13 years in her work as an accredited Exercise Physiologist and a Yoga professional.

She specialises in mental health and has focused her ongoing professional development on the application of Yoga and exercise for mental health treatment and chronic pain.

Experienced Yoga Professional

Anna Miley has lectured on Yoga teacher trainings and has mentored Yoga teachers. She has lectured in anatomy and physiology and the therapeutic application of Yoga for Santosha Yoga’s registered Yoga teacher training. In addition, Anna has mentored newly graduated yoga teachers in the finer art of movement instruction and applying Yoga therapeutically in a class environment.

For five years, she ran a thriving Yoga and allied health studio, offering group classes, one to one therapeutic Yoga, workshops, retreats and teacher trainings. 

Anna did her first Yoga teacher training in 2009. She also completed the Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy from the Yoga Therapy Institute. She also holds certifications in Yin Yoga teaching.

Anna Miley – Qualifications

Prior to this, Anna completed a psychology degree and degree in high performance sports coaching through the University of Canberra.

Anna is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and an Accredited Exercise Scientist with ESSA. In addition, Anna has trained in Neuro-linguistic programming and hypnotherapy.

Anna Miley’s Approach

Anna embodies a truly integrative approach. Blending her expertise as a Yoga therapist, Exercise Physiologist, and mindset coach she shares her extensive experience in the art and science of behaviour change and self-awareness.

Anna also supports leaders and executives to manage their minds for high-performance and improved mental wellbeing through the application of therapeutic Yoga, mindfulness and mindset coaching. Anna also offers business and self-care coaching to yoga business owners.

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