Amy Weintraub

Amy Weintraub

Amy Weintraub, MFA, E-RYT 500 and founding director of the LifeForce Yoga Healing Institute. She the author of Yoga for Depression and Yoga Skills for Therapists: Effective Practices for Mood Management.

As a film documentary producer in the 1980’s, she won numerous national awards for her work, but suffered from a nearly debilitating depression. Years of therapy and meds helped her manage. But it wasn’t until she began a daily yoga practice in 1989 that her mood lifted. With the guidance of her doctor, she was able to come off medication. Amy became passionate about sharing with others who suffered from mood disorder what had changed her life. She joined with research scientists to explore how yoga breathing and posture practice, along with meditation helped her and so many of her students heal.

Amy has been a pioneer in the field of yoga and mental health for over twenty years. She offers the LifeForce Yoga Practitioner Training for Depression and Anxiety to health and yoga professionals. She also offers workshops for every day practitioners.

In 2004 Amy founded the LifeForce Yoga Healing Institute which continues to train yoga teachers and health care providers in yoga practices appropriate in clinical and yoga therapy settings.

I love yoga and continue to teach workshops and trainings, but a book by my dear yogi brother and friend Stephen Cope called The Great Work of Your Life, set me on a course to reclaim my dharma.

Amy Weintraub

Amy has been a guest speaker at the Australasian Yoga Therapy Conference.

Visit https://www.amyweintraub.com/


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