Understand Your Ayurvedic Body Type

As Socrates is believed to have said, Know Thyself. In Ayurveda one place to start this journey of self knowledge is by understanding your dosha. What combination of vata, pitta or kapha are you?

As Socrates is believed to have said, Know Thyself. In Ayurveda one place to start this journey of self knowledge is by understanding your dosha or ayurvedic body type. What combination of vata, pitta or kapha are you? 

I have found this knowledge to be critical in understanding myself and those around me. Knowing your dosha can help you make better decisions about what to eat, what type of exercise to do, suitable hobbies, and career decisions. 

What’s Your Ayurvedic Body Type?

Use th following table to discover your constitutional type.

Choose the description that describes you best and add up your answers from the three columns. The highest number indicates your primary dosha. If two are equal, then you have a dual constitution.

VATA (air)PITTA (fire)KAPHA (earth)
Body Sizeslim and don’t gain weight easilynaturally muscularlarge, padded build
Hairthin and frizzyoily with easy lossthick
Heighttall with long limbsmedium height with muscular legsshortish with curves
Eyessmallpenetratingbig and calm
Teethirregular and crowdedmedium with soft gumsbig and white
Skindry in areaspinkish, warm and sweatycool and oily
Nailsdry, split and thinsoft and reddishthick and smooth
Lipsthin lipsred lipsthick lips
Chinangulartapereddbig and rounded
Facethin, long facetriangular or heart-shaped faceround face
Necklong and slimmedium sizedthick
Jointscrack easilystronglarge
Appetiteirregularstrongsteady yet moderate
Digestiontendency to constipation and gastendency to acidity and diarrhoeatendency to get sleepy after eating
Mindlearn things quickly and forget them quicklylearn thing quickly and remember themlearn things slowly and remember them
Conversationa fast and profuse talkerI like conversations with a purposeI enjoy listening and talk slowly
Ideal careerlike doing creative, expressive thingsam ambitious and entrepreneuriallike to build things and serve others
Climate preferencefeel the cold easilyprefer winter to summerdislike humidity
Sleepa sensitive sleepercan sleep for short periodshave deep, sound sleep
Dreamsoften of travel or flyingexciting and sometimes violentmy dreams are romantic and relaxing
MoneyI make it and spend it spontaneouslyI make it and spend it on planned purchasesI save money and spend it thoughhtfully
Mental tendencyI get spaced out easilyI an intense and preciseI get sentimental easily
Disease tendencySudden, shifting symptomsBurning, intense sensationsSlow to occur and slow to overcome
InteractionI like change, to try new thingsI like to convince, win in anythhingI like to support, without judgement

Of course, most of us are more than one dosha. I can relate to many of the characteristics in the Kapha list and many of my partner’s in the Pitta list. There are just so many applications for this knowlegde, which I will touch on in another article.

If you want to learn more about the doshas and how to apply them to increase your health and well-being,  join us for our in depth, Certificate in Clinical Ayurveda.


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