Karine Shellshear

Karine Shellshear

Yoga Teacher & Therapist

Karine is has also qualified in the Arts and Social Sciences, with a Masters degree in Housing. She has worked many years as a community housing advocate of a state peak body, helping to lead and promote self-help housing initiatives to Government and to the general public.

Her background includes skills in writing, social research and policy development, as well as community development. These allow for a good understanding of Government systems whilst representing the interests of a community based not for profit sector. Karine’s empathy and commitment to communities has allowed her to re-channel her skills and focus on Yoga Therapy incorporating her knowledge and expertise into the ancient wisdom of Yoga healing.

In this representative and volunteer capacity, Karine has been elected as President of AAYT, looking to secure, expand and help render sustainable an organisation that truly seeks to provide a voice and a vision for Yoga Therapists in Australasia.

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