Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy

GCYT Module/s Location Transfer Request Form

GCYT Module/s Location Transfer Request Form
Select the Module you wish to transfer. Please fill in one form for each module you wish to transfer.
Terms & Conditions *
  • I have already agreed to the Code of Conduct and Terms of Use at the time I applied to the course.
  • Permission to transfer can only be granted in certain instances. Transfers are not automatically approved.
  • The module needs to be completed in a particular order and so, in some cases, it isn't possible to transfer my enrolment. In other instances, some course locations may be full and so my application to transfer will not be approved.
  • There is a $200 per module administration fee to transfer. If my transfer is approved in writing, my credit card will be charged and the transfer will be completed. If the fee isn't paid, my transfer will not be approved.
  • A module can only be undertaken in one location. Individual modules cannot be split between more than one location. Any such requests will not be approved.
  • Requests for transfer between locations will only be accepted more than 2 weeks in advance of the start date of the module I wish to transfer. Each time I wish to transfer a module, I must fill in this form.
  • I understand that the decision of the Course Administrator is final.

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