Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy

GCYT Assessment Dates – Gold Coast 2020

The self-directed learning tasks (pre-tasks) for each module need to be completed before you undertake the face to face training for that module.

These self-directed learning tasks are assessable items and you are required to complete them to meet course completion requirements. More information about these tasks can be found in the Sharefile under the Pre-tasks for each of the modules.

The other assessment tasks will be uploaded to Sharefile or given to you during the course. Details on how to submit your assessment and to whom, will be provided by each teacher.

  1. If you need an extension for an assessment task, please fill in the Assessment Extension Request Form (fee applies)
  2. If you are doing modules in more than one location, please remember to check the due dates in the relevant locations.
  3. There is a lot of work to do between the AYT 2 and the Supervised Practicum modules in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Please make sure you give yourself plenty of time to complete your assessment tasks.
Melbourne 2020Date GiveDue Date
Mindfulness Based Yoga Therapy & Counselling Skills
MBYT & CSC Self-directed Learning TasksUpon enrolment6 Jul 2020
Case history interview6 Jul 2020Assessed in Class
Reflective Practice Journal Report6 Jul 202031 Dec 2020
Yoga Therapy Foundations
YTF Self-directed Learning TasksUpon enrolment11 Jul 2020
Case Study11 Jul 202031 Oct 2020
Applied Yoga Therapy 1
AYT 1 Self-directed Learning TasksUpon enrolment16 Jul 2020
Supervised Case StudyIn classIn class
Functional Anatomy Assessment
Functional Anatomy Self-directed Learning TasksUpon enrolment21 Jul 2020
Medical Terminology AssessmentIn classIn class
Functional Anatomy and Biomedical Foundations Assessment21 Jul 202030 Nov 2020
Applied Yoga Therapy 2
AYT 2 Self-directed Learning TasksUpon enrolment27 Jul 2020
Class Pal Practice and ReportIn classIn class
Supervised Practicum
Supervised Practicum Self-directed Learning TasksUpon enrolment2 Aug 2020
Live Case Study PresentationIn classIn class
‘Real Life’ Case Study PresentationsIn classIn class

Important Information

You are required to email your assessment to both your teacher and to…

Please note: as per the code of conduct, assessment tasks that are submitted after the due date attract a late fee of $100.

Sal Flynn[email protected]
Lousie Godfrey[email protected]
Liz Williams[email protected]
Trish David[email protected]

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