Ayurveda Fundamentals

7-8 August 2021 | Melbourne | From $450

Join Louise Godfrey for this 2 day workshop in Melbourne and learn about the ancient health system of Ayurveda.

The principles and approach of the ancient health system of Ayurveda, complement and integrate successfully with yoga therapy and yoga as a whole. Achieving and maintaining good health is multi- dimensional. Ayurveda’s holistic approach targets and identifies the imbalances of the human system. It aims to rebalance the body and increase longevity. This workshop will be valuable if you want to introduce Ayurveda into your work as a yoga therapist, yoga teacher and for your own health.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • The foundation and principles of Ayurveda
  • How and when to integrate yoga therapy with Ayurveda
  • The qualities and characteristics of the Dosha
  • Basic skills in identifying the imbalance in the body (Vikriti)
  • Understanding specific lifestyle and nutritional guidelines to bring the body back to balance
  • Understanding the emphasis on correct nutrition in accordance to the dosha
  • The 6 different tastes required for a balanced diet
  • The most common imbalances of the body 

Who Should Attend?

  • Yoga therapists, yoga teachers and yoga teacher trainees  
  • Medical doctors, health professionals and complementary therapists who want to learn more about this ancient healing science

Benefits of attending the Ayurveda Fundamentals workshop:

  • Learn from Louise Godfrey, experienced Yoga therapist and educator.  
  • Learn practical tools and techniques that you can apply immediately with your students and clients
  • Connect with a network of yoga teachers and therapists 
  • Deepen your knowledge of Ayurveda as a therapeutic practice
  • Yoga teachers are eligible for 7 CPD points, as the content is related to Yoga
  • Educate yourself about Ayurveda and how you can incorporate it into your work as a Yoga therapist/teacher so you can assist your clients more effectively

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Louise Godfrey

Louise Godfrey is a highly qualified Yoga therapist in the tradition of TKV Desikachar and a student Barbara Brian who studied with TKV Desikachar. She is an experienced Yoga therapy educator. She teaches the Ayurveda component on the Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy for Enlightened Events. She is passionate about Ayurveda and uses Ayurveda on a daily basis to effect change and transformation in her Yoga therapy clients. Louise has studied Ayurveda with Philippa Street and Gita Kavar. Louise undertook the first ever KHYF (Krishnamacharya Healing Yoga Foundation) Yoga therapy Training program. The program was five years long and is considered one of the world’s leading Yoga therapy training programs. She has a special interest in mental health and preventative health. She has worked with people with Parkinsons, mental health conditions, secondary school students and carers.

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