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The whole world is still in shock. Cities are locked down. Everyone is in isolation. Suspected and diagnosed are in quarantine. We are desperately trying to stop it from spreading this fast. We still don’t know how to handle it! What is COVID 19? You must have read about it already. In short, Novel Corona […]
Vaidya Rama Prasad

Vaidya Rama Prasad

Dr. Rama Prasad is one of Australasia’s most qualified and experienced Ayurvedic physicians and educators.

The whole world is still in shock. Cities are locked down. Everyone is in isolation. Suspected and diagnosed are in quarantine. We are desperately trying to stop it from spreading this fast. We still don’t know how to handle it!

What is COVID 19?

You must have read about it already. In short, Novel Corona Virus or COVID-19 is a flu-like, respiratory illness caused by a new virus. Symptoms include fever, coughing, sore throat and shortness of breath. Due to the thick mucus, breathing becomes impossible, which results in death. The virus can spread from person to person, but good hygiene can prevent infection.

It spreads fast.

Its mortality rate is not as bad as our usual flu virus. But, its pace of spreading is proving to be hard to handle it. This is the unique and scary part of this condition.

COVID is an unusual virus!

What is a virus? 

Virus is seen as a mistake in evolution! Is virus alive? Yes. Is it dead? Yes! Only when it enters a living cell, virus comes to life. A rare phenomenon! When it’s outside a cell, the virus is not alive anymore.

It doesn’t breathe, eat, or drink – will wait for a week, live cell to be available for a long time. Virus is just a DNA or RNA with a simple envelope – a nucleic acid inside a protein bag. A simple as that. Two types – DNA virus and RNA virus. All life forms have a genetic material DNA – de oxy ribonucleic acid, that are in our chromosomes in each of our cells. RNA (ribonucleic acid) produces protein based on the instructions of our DNA. This is the structure of the virus we are talking about. Enters our body via nasal or oral pathway.

When meets a live cell, it wakes up, jumps onto it, enters the cell, releases its DNA into the cell, suppresses our cell DNA, controls our cell entirely, forcing the cell to make a protein shells, our cell RNA follows the order using the amino acids that is stored for emergency, once the protein shells are ready, the virus DNA multiplies and occupies all protein shells, breaks our cells and get out of it and perform the same exercise with our other cells. This, obviously, debilitates our body. If we have enough immunity or vitality, our body will try to chase them by producing its own antibodies. Based on our immunity the defence and attack can be successful or a failure.

How do we deal with a virus?

Boost our immunity. There are two ways of doing it. First one is a vaccine. This is limited to a disease. We need a vaccine for each microbe. Second one is super immunity – this is by boosting the entire body with sufficient nutrients and supreme cleanliness. When our body is well nourished and totally clean, microbes won’t show any interest in us. No infection. This is applicable to almost 99% of the situation.

Within a week, after my wife went home, I started finding cockroaches and bugs everywhere! She comes back and stares at me. A stone cold stare! This is when the husband shuts up and sits down, ready to take “a little chat”. She showed me how to keep the kitchen clean and tidy. She took over the kitchen and in just a few days – no more cockroaches or bugs. How did she do that. Yes, keeping the kitchen neat and tidy – this means the kitchen offers nothing to the bugs. If we feed them, they arrive and thrive. If we don’t, they are interested in you.

Microbial infections – from virus, bacteria and fungus is the same, as cockroaches inhabiting a dirty kitchen. If we keep the body clean, and strong, they are never interested in us.

What is Immunity?

It’s important to know about that is immunity.

Immunity works just like our tax system! Let us see. We work, make money, a part is paid as tax, which comes back to us as infrastructure (local hospitals, schools, bus waiting shed etc.), emergency services (ambulance, fire etc.), protection (police, navy, or army) and so on. The more people pay more tax, that suburb is seen as a rich suburb – they get more infrastructure etc as mentioned above. The less people pay less tax – it’s a poor suburb. They get less!

When our body works as it’s designed to work, every cell produces plenty of energy, a part of which is allocated for defence, protection and emergency. When it doesn’t work as per the ‘user’s manual’ we produce less energy and we are open for attack, can’t deal with emergencies easily or effectively.

How do we get our body to work optimally?

Let me try to simplify this. Of course, these are all general. You must talk to your local Ayurveda practitioner to tailor it for you.

Our activities from 9pm to 9am are vital. What are those activities:

  • Early to bed – by 10 pm you must be fast asleep. This ensures that our body gets repaired and renovated       – every corner is clean, tidy and repaired.        
  • Early to wake up so that you can get some full body exercise. A variety of activities for the entire mind- body is vital for around 30-45 minutes so that you can sweat profusely for 20-30 minutes. That’s all you need. Exercises optimises our senses, brain and the rest of our body. This optimises our ability to enjoy everything in our lives and deal with anything that is thrown at us with joy!
  • A large, low carb breakfast with some protein in it. This ensures you eat most of what you need for the day early in the morning. Why low carb? Low carb meal has all body repairing and building nutrients. High carb, on the other hand, is like quick energy that ends in quick drop in energy. Secondly, based on research, high carb is inflammatory, and sedative. Most diseases are inflammation based – hence ends with “itis” – arthritis, sinusitis, hepatitis, dermatitis and so on. We feel calm and relaxed, after such a meal. It’s not a real calmness or relaxation, it’s the effect of sedation! Not good at all.

These are three activities we usually perform between 9pm and 9am.

But there are many other elements such as an occupation that suits you (not always based on your
training), training in dealing with people and events, the size of your dinner (the lighter/smaller the
better), create less chemical and more natural home environment, avoid recreational stimulants and
sedatives and so on.

Supplements & Herbs

Products are only icing on the cake in most situations.

The “cake” is the art of making sure you are supporting each organ with food, exercise and routine is vital.

And the “icing” is the products. There are literally hundreds of products that MAY help us.

Product-based immunity building needs to be personalised to be any effective. We know that we are as strong as our weakest organ. So, a person with weak liver needs appropriate liver herbs to build immunity, for example. You might know this, or should discuss this with your local Ayurveda doctor.

If you are fully healthy, and on a healthy lifestyle, then you may choose an appropriate adaptogenic, rejuvenative products.

In order to keep the body clean, your doctor might suggest a tailored cleanse as well.

Corona – Holistic Medical View

As we saw it spreads fast. Faster than any other virus we have seen in recent decades.

Currently, we are just trying to stop COVID 19 virus from spreading. This is very vital, as we know there is no much safe medications for this.

It’s our job to build immunity so that we may not catch it and even if we catch, our immune system fights to win.

Ayurvedic Anti-viral treatment is by patching up our broken body-bits. Ayurveda attempts it with suitable herbs, nutrition and lifestyle. But, it comes to our body’s immunity for us to fight back – according to any medical modality. Prevention can be addressing your ongoing weakness, or building personalised super immunity.

Corona – the real treatment is the enjoyment of the true essence of life

When we upgrade our lifestyle, our ability to enjoy life multiplies. We won’t need a second espresso to get up, we just bounce out of bed. We don’t need to make a bucket-list to feel fulfilled – taste of a glass of water might give you the same or better feeling. We won’t need a huge big dinner, a broth gives you ten times more satisfaction. You won’t need to sleep in until 9 am on Sunday, your 6 am gym session gives you a better wellness.

Life becomes simpler and more fulfilled.

Isn’t all religions and spiritual gurus telling us?

A New Lifestyle

After a few days of lock down, the reports say that the world’s air quality improved dramatically, and first time many cities find the previously disappeared birds and fish – so on! More good news to follow, as we can imagine. It only took a few days for the earth’s life force to be expressive!

When did modern life turn into a sort of anti-life?!

Corona stands in front of us, reminding us of a natural life – a more exciting, and fulfilled one –
lovingly holding hands with the rest of the planet and everything in it.

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