Unique Diagnosis by Dr. Rama Prasad

Ayurvedic doctor, Rama Prasad explains the intricacies of tongue diagnosis.

An Ayurveda consultation will empower you with a deeper awareness of your strengths and vulnerabilities coupled with the tools to prevent and overcome imbalances. Our goal is achieved if you leave with renewed motivation and wisdom to live a healthier and happier life.

Here are some unique techniques Ayurveda uses.

Tongue Diagnosis

Tongue diagnosis is like seven other techniques including pulse. The whole tongue is analysed to understand the exact nature of digestion, metabolism, affected parts of the body and type of disease. The body map and ten aspects of tongue need to be accurately studied to do this.

Pulse Diagnosis

Pulse is analysed in various parts of the body. Radial pulse is the easiest to read. Each still finger tip is used to read dozens of aspects of mind and body, and health and disease.

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